Our Story

It all started by accident...

O​ur family has been in the Mexican meat market business for over 20 years. When our father wanted to retire, he told us, “The only way to get ahead was to work for you and not for someone else.” He convinced us to leave our corporate jobs in California and move to Las Vegas to run the markets.
Inside one of the markets, there was a hot food area, where we sold Mexican foods. During lunch as we always did, we took Korean dishes and mixed it up by adding Mexican flavors to it. We would add pico de gallo, put Mexican salsas on our Korean meats. Some time back in late 2008, as we were about to eat our lunch, one of our regulars came in and saw what we were about to eat. He inquired about the food, a sample was given and he purchased “our lunch.” As we proceeded to make a second batch for our self, a friend of his came and asked to purchase the same meal his friend was eating. Before long, this process was repeating. People were coming in to our small ethnic market to look for fusion items not readily available in Las Vegas.
One person even put pictures on Yelp and soon, more people were looking for us. When the potential for a standalone restaurant was great, we gambled and took a chance to open the original location on Decatur Blvd. in February 2011. The first food writer, Jim Begley found us in July 2011 and after his article appeared on the Las Vegas Weekly in August, there was no turning back. We appeared on Cooking Channel's Taco Trip with Aaron Sanchez. Even BuzzFeed rated us as the "Best Hangover Food in Las Vegas". We have been in numerous magazines including AllRecipes. We have been mentioned on Wake Up with the Wagners and KNPR. We even won “Best of Las Vegas” three years in a row since opening.
We never thought we would have the welcome and the response we received from our customers. We are truly blessed and are looking forward to our future.